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Text Box: GB3FH detail

This repeater has great coverage in Somerset, parts of Devon and all over South Wales from Caldicot to Bridgend.

Repeater Tx: 50.700MHz

Repeater Rx: 51.270MHz

CTCSS required: 77Hz

Permanently linked to GB3ZY

IRLP node no 5361

Echolink node no 228585

Allstar node no 2250

GB3FH summary


The repeater equipment consists of a Tait T300 series crystal controlled Tx and Rx. These were donated by Kris G8AUU—we were very fortunate to  obtain this equipment as it did not require much modification to get it going on 50MHx.


Chris, G3VEH did a champion job on modifying the 68-88MHz Ascom PA, donated by Mike EI2DJ, to make it perform very well on 50MHz.


Brian G4UTM spent many hours making the Duplexer, which is made to a WB5WPA design using LDF7-50 Heliax offcuts.


The antenna is a dipole mounted around 30m on the SW facing leg of the tower.


GB3FH provides great coverage down the M5 to Exeter, along the Severn coast from Clevedon to Minehead and the South Wales region from Newport to Bridgend. Most of Somerset is covered and also parts of Devon.


The GB3FH cabinet installed at Frys Hill, Somerset.



Repeater Functions:

These command the repeater control logic and do not affect the linking status.


09—This function will read back a percentage value representing the received relative signal strength of your signal into the repeater. It is averaged over a few seconds so give your callsign then dial the digits to get consistent results.


29— Reads out the current time that the repeater’s clock is set to. This is set once a day by the internet node computer.


59—Dial the digits then drop carrier. Wait for the voice prompt and once it says “Ready” make a test transmission. Your transmission will be recorded and then instantly played back to you for audio quality tests.