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The shared mast at Frys Hill. All the antennas are in use by someone!

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This is the web site of the Frys Hill Repeater Group. The Group takes its name from a hill located near Cheddar on the South Western tip of the Mendip Hills in Somerset UK, where our first repeater was located—GB3FH on 50MHz.

For details of the repeaters, their operating frequencies and the facilities available to the users, please see the link on the left.

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Please support the Repeater Group!

We need YOUR help to keep the repeaters on the air. There are significant running costs associated with all the repeaters and your donations will go to helping keep them on the air.

Frys Hill Repeater Group,

5, Kenmeade Close,



North Somerset BS25 1TS


Teasurer: treasurer <at> gb3fh <dot> org <dot > uk

Keeper:  keeper <at> gb3fh <dot> org <dot> uk


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