Frys Hill Repeater Group

repeater systems for todays radio amateur

Who’S who

Who are the Frys Hill Repeater Group?

Well here’s the staff who make it all happen!

All of us frequently do work on the repeater sites to keep them in tip top shape. All of our sites are also shared commercial operations and so high standards have to be maintained.

Ross G4YQY

Ross is our treasurer and keeps all things financial in check. Ross looks after regular payments for site fees, insurance and internet connections.

E-mail: treasurer<at>

Brian G4UTM

Brian built our 6m duplexers for FH and ZY. Many man hours spent! Brian has also helped many times on the sites with technical work not to mention constant help & advice.

Matt G4RKY

Matt is the repeater keeper for all the repeaters and does the general day-to-day stuff, technical work and software upgrades etc.

E-mail: brian<at>

E-mail: keeper<at>