Frys Hill Repeater Group

repeater systems for todays radio amateur

With our repeaters it is possible to link into other repeaters or networks via several different systems. It is also possible to link repeaters on the same site but this functionality is restricted to emergency use only due to licensing restrictions about cross banding.

Wide area repeater network

Allstar Link is the primary method of internet linking on our repeaters. We use this to tie GB3FH and ZY together and separately GB3FI and ZB (not yet activated).

ALL our repeaters have individual node numbers and can be commanded separately.


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Allstar link

Echolink is supported ONLY on GB3FH ( with a link to GB3ZY ).

Due to the large number of “drive-by” connections, connect announcements are muted.

GB3FH is Echolink node 228585

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IRLP is a proprietary internet linking system owned and operated by Dave Cameron VE7LTD.

GB3FH is IRLP node no:5361

GB3ZB is IRLP node no:5429

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