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Text Box: MB7IFH

MB7IFH is a development node located at the QTH of G4RKY in Shipham, Somerset.

Its primary function is for test and development using the Allstar platform. That’s a posh way of saying that Matt uses this to try out new ideas before deploying them on the main repeaters!

The first of those is the Allstar Web Transceiver, which works well on ‘IFH

Register for it at

2M Simplex link

· Supports Allstar / Asterisk

· Supports Echolink

· Supports IaxRpt

· 2W ERP to a dipole antenna

· If you can hear it you can DEFINITELY work it!

· Icom IC-V200T 12.5KHz commercial spec node radio.

The first thing to remember about MB7IFH before you start to use it is:




With a simplex link, you may not be able to hear the station that is working the link—its not like a repeater where everyone can hear everyone else!


If no links are connected, if you can reach the node, Alison will respond with “All Links Disconnected”. If a connection is present you will hear a “K” tone ( dah-di-dah ). You can then find out what is connected by using the *70 code as detailed below. Please check no-one is using the link before disconnecting.


Here are the DTMF codes to control the link:


*70           Check link status

*72           Last node to key us up

*73           All connected and onward connected nodes


*10           Disconnect last connected node


Allstar Nodes:

*3nnnn    Connect to Allstar node nnnn

*1nnnn    Disconnect Allstar node nnnn


Echolink Nodes:

Note: any node numbers lass than 6 digits need to be padded to 6 with zeroes. i.e. Echolink node 1332 must be dialed as 001332

*33xxxxxx             Connect Echolink node xxxxxx

*13xxxxxx             Disconnect Echolink node


Shortcut Codes:


*510        Disconnect GB3FH via Allstar                           *540        Disconnect GB3FH via Echolink

*511        Connect GB3FH via Allstar                                 *541        Connect GB3FH via Echolink


*520        Disconnect GB3ZB via Allstar                           *550        Disconnect Echlink *IRELAND*

*521        Connect GB3ZB via ALlstar                               *551        Connect Echolink *IRELAND*


*530        Disconnect GB3DQ via Allstar                           *560        Disconnect  MB7IIP via Allstar

*531        Connect GB3DQ via Allstar                                *561        Connect MB7IIP via ALlstar


There are clearly a lot more codes that could be defined, if you have a need, drop me an email and

I can add it in!


145.3375MHz, CTCSS 77Hz, 2W ERP

MB7IFH Detailed usage instructions