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Internet linking commands


Here is the information you need to know if you intend to use the extensive internet linking facilities provided by the repeaters.


It may seem a bit long and detailed but it really is worth reading!


Not all of the repeaters provide IRLP and Echolink together but all are based on the Allstar Link Platform and so all support this functionality.

The three links below will take you to the node information pages for each of the three networks. If you are looking for a specific node, these will be the places to start looking …


Echolink Node Info


Irlp node info


Allstar Node info



Firstly a bit of common courtesy! Before you make an outgoing connection listen on the repeater and make sure no one is using it.

Next, make sure that you leave a decent gap between overs when connected to a remote node.


             To check what the repeater is connected to, use

             * 7

             To check what the nodes connected to the repeater are also connected to, use

             * 8 7


As I mentioned above, as our system provides connectivity to all 3 of the above networks, it is necessary to differentiate between them in the command structure. This is achieved by applying a prefix to the node number for Echolink (3) and IRLP (4).

Also, as you can have multiple concurrent connections you need to specify if you are connecting (3) or disconnecting (1).

It may seem confusing but really its not—here are some examples:



             Connect to IRLP node 1234:

             * 3 4 1234

             All commands start with star

             3 ( connecting )

             4 ( IRLP node )

             1234 ( node number )


             Similarly to disconnect from IRLP node 1234:

             * 1 4 1234



Echolink operates in a similar way but as Echolink node numbers can be 4, 5 or 6 digits it is necessary to add zeros to the node number to pad it out to 6 digits. In the example below I will use a 4 digit node number:


             Connect to Echolink node 4567

             * 3 3 00 4567

             All commands start with a star

             3 (connecting)

             3 (Echolink)

             00 (padding zeros)

             4567 (Node number)


             Disconnecting from the same node:

             * 1 3 00 4567



Allstar Link requires no prefix to the node number and no digit padding.


             Connect to Allstar node 2222

             * 3 2222

             Disconnect from same node:

             * 1 2222


There is a little shortcut that you can use when disconnecting— if you wish to disconnect the last node that was connected, you can use:

             * 1 0