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Text Box: GB3FI Detail

GB3FI is a wide split 25KHz spec UHF repeater that provides good coverage around the areas of North Somerset, Sedgemoor, Bridgwater, Glastonbury, Street and surrounding areas.

Repeater TX: 430.925MHz

Repeater RX: 438.525MHz


Allstar Node No: 2296

GB3FI Summary


The repeater is formed from a pair of Tait 800 series 1 modules and a suitable 6 pot duplexer which easily copes with the nice wide 7.6MHz split.


This repeater is also connected to the RC210 logic controller as is GB3FH.


This repeater may be linked up with GB3ZB at Dundry in the near future.


As with GB3FH, this repeater encodes a tone on the output when the RX is open and also during the “pips”  but if you have CTCSS decode on, you wont hear any of the IDs or announcements which makes for silent monitoring when there is no traffic.


The repeater antenna is an omni directional vertical “white stick” collinear on the roof of the cabin about 4 metres off the ground.

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